Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Travel: Casas de Soleil

Its a chilly day here in So Cal.. so I'm incredibly happy to be reminiscing about my time in Costa Rica this past summer. I'm especially happy to be going through the photos I snapped during my stay at Casas de Soleil. There is so much gorgeousness that I had to put a little something together to share it with all of you!
So if ya'll know me.. or follow my work, you probably know my family is from the gorgeous pura vida country of Costa Rica. Which means, I've been blessed to have spent a lot of time down there and have seen a lot (but not nearly enough) of what Costa Rica has to offer. And one of my favorite beach areas is the stretch along the Nicoya Peninsula that Santa Teresa and Mal Pais cover. There are no huge high rise hotels or fancy resorts marking off private beaches. In fact, the more luxurious a place is.. the more they tend to incorporate the natural landscape and elements the environment there has to offer. And this hotel is no exception. 
The photos make it so incredibly obvious how much thought went into designing and creating this place. In addition to the location, service and overall awesomeness of the place.. the details are what makes this place special. (And the monkeys.. I cannot stress enough how awesome it is to be chillin by the pool and look up to see a whole group of monkeys!) You don't feel like you're in a cookie cutter, Ikea-inspired, chain-hotel. You feel like you're in someone's home. Someone's really awesomely beautiful home.
And don't even get me started on the family that runs and operates this place. In fact, this is actually 1 of 2 posts that I'll be putting together.. so I'll be sharing more about them later.
For now.. I'm sharing pics of "El Mirador" which is the largest villa on the property. I found out you can actually reserve the entire house, or just the upstairs (or the downstairs). I stayed in the massive amazingness that is the upstairs.. (there are 2 bedrooms, living room, fully-stocked kitchen (seriously every utensil and kitchen tool known to man is up in there), full bath (hello walk-in huge shower), and my favorite: the huge balcony that overlooks the pool and coastline. Hopefully I didn't get any of those stats wrong.. (you can get more info on their site). The point is.. its huge y muy, muy tuanis!
If all of this doesn't make you put this place on your "must-stay" list immediately.. then check out their profile on TripAdvisor. Nothing but love and rave reviews for this place!
Trent, Soraya y Soleil.. it was such an honor meeting you all. You've created a little bit of paradise in the middle of paradise. Not an easy feat. Thank you for your kindness and attention to detail. Uds. representan el calor humano que nuestro pais is famous for. Xo

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