Friday, December 20, 2013

Maternity: Monica

In hopes of obtaining photography work in Costa Rica over the summer, I asked my loved ones to promote my services via Facebook. Because of those efforts.. this gorgeous mom found my work and said that after only a few clicks she knew that I had to be the one to capture her first pregnancy.
Ya'll need to know that I don't take those kind of compliments lightly... especially when they come from someone as well-styled, classy and successful as Monica is! So to say that I was thrilled is a major understatement.
Alright, so Monica is actually from Peru and Octavio was born and raised in Costa Rica. They now reside in San Jose, in a little neighborhood 15 minutes from where my mom grew up! For the shoot, Monica styled her own looks and trusted me to set-up and direct the rest of the shoot.. and I don't think either of us would change a single thing. -- I'm so in love with this shoot. -- I'm so incredibly proud to know that my friends and family believe enough in my skills to refer me to their friends and family. -- And I'm so incredibly blessed to have a passion that allows me to meet such wonderful people and to provide them with memories that will last a lifetime!
Finally, I have to add that I knew Monica and I were going to get along splendidly when she mentioned that they would have to include their two furry babies in the shoot. And who can blame her?? As you'll see, they are ridiculously adorable. So full of personality.. and so obviously loved and spoiled (as all dogs should be!)
Have I mentioned how much I love these photographs?? :)
As always.. they were shot and worked on with so much love.. and I hope ya'll love them too! (and just a heads up if you do.. there'll be a while new post with the rest of the shoot comin at ya very soon!) Pura Vida!

This last shot.. I die! You can see in her face how incredibly in love she already was with her baby girl. So sweet!! And I'm happy to report that baby Ema was born in early September and she and her proud parents are all healthy and happy!
Monica y Octavio.. fue un placer conocerlos. Muchisimas gracias por la oportunidad de capturar este tiempo tan especial en sus vidas. Un abrazo muy fuerte.. y dile a Ema que me muero por conocerla!

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