Monday, September 21, 2015

Birthday: Brooklyn Is One!

Alright.. so its beyond ridiculous how many lovely events and families I've shot since my last blogpost. My biggest problem is when I get behind, I have this idea that somehow I'm going to be able to catch up and blog all of them in order that I shot them. Which of course.. never happens and then months go by and no blog post happens at all. Laaammeee. 
So I figured I would just start fresh and post pics from an adorable first birthday party that I shot this past Saturday. That's right. Not even 2 days ago and boom.. blog post. Just like that! 
Little Brooklyn turned one and her parents wanted to celebrate with close family and friends. Brooklyn's lovely grandmother hosted the party at her gorgeous home in Woodland Hills.. and momma Danielle used her party planning skills to put together the perfect first birthday celebration. It included different shades of pink, gold and neutrals... a posh play area in the backyard.. mexican catering and plenty of sweets.. and of course.. baby Brooklyn. What more could one ask for? 
I love these photos.. and mostly I loved getting to meet this sweet family. Brooklyn was such a champ! She decided to skip her nap and still behaved like the perfect little lady. 
Happy Birthday Brooklyn! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Maternity: Ellen + Hendo

Ellen and Hendo (dad's name is Mike.. but he goes by Hendo :) are incredibly special to me. So I was thrilled when I got the chance to document this special time in their lives. Ellen is an animal lover so of course she wanted to include their furry family member in the shoot (which I loved since he is extremely photogenic!). Ellen is also extremely creative and has a great eye for all things pretty! So she went shopping at Free People (the tea dress from Free People is to die on her!) and Urban Outfitters to put her looks together and I'm thrilled with how this shoot turned out.
We started in their home in Ventura, California and then drove up into the hills of Ventura where we were blessed with some incredible light! I have to say that this shoot is particularly special.. since the morning after the shoot Ellen's water broke! She was over 8 weeks early.. the nursery wasn't nearly ready.. they hadn't decided on a name and her original birth plan included a doula and a local birthing center. The hospital staff kept baby in momma's belly for as long as they could.. but babygirl Henderson didn't want to wait. At 3 lbs. 11 oz., she came out 7 1/2 weeks early and had to be kept in the NICU for quite some time. During those difficult weeks.. Ellen and Hendo leaned on their loving community and showed an incredible amount of hope and courage. And I'm very happy to report that Miah progressed well and is now happy, healthy and oh-so-perfect!! 
By the way, they decided to name their daughter Miah... because the bible verse that had had provided them with so much comfort and peace is found in the book of Jeremiah. *happysigh* 
As a footnote, Bentley (the adorable dog featured here) actually passed away unexpectedly a few weeks ago. When I heard the news it broke my heart and...  it made me happy that he had been such a star of this shoot. 
Ellen + Hendo.. don't know what to say to you that Hendo won't make fun of me for later.. so I'll avoid the cheesiness and just tell you that I heart you mucho and can't wait for your upcoming family shoot! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Langley's Wild One

When Rebecca of Wylie West Creative contacted me about this Where The Wild Things Are inspired baby shower I jumped at the chance to shoot it. I knew her original details and creative party design were going to be incredibly amazing. And on top of all the Wylie West awesomeness that was set up at this beautiful LA property.. Langley (the momma-to-be) and her family and friends turned out to be so incredibly fun to capture!
I have to say that at these type of more intimate events it tends to be a bit tricky to capture the lady of the hour and her guests. As a photographer, I never want to be too distracting.. I don't want to interrupt conversations.. and I don't want to take your picture while your munching on a yummy appetizer. I make efforts to blend into the background as much as possible while still searching for those sweet candid moments that will inevitably happen when you bring together loved ones, good food and awesome drinks. Then once everyone has loosened up a bit.. its always so great when all of a sudden they notice the big camera and aren't so shy about calling me over for a group pic.
That is exactly how this evening went.. just a bit trickier since our usually sunny California weather decided to get all wild on us. The rain brought everyone inside the house for a part of the evening.. and I kind of freaked because a natural light photographer who wants to shoot discreetly doesn't want to go around popping flash every where. Thankfully my trusty Canon and I are very obsessed with window light (and their wonderful home had windows everywhere) and I was able to make it work. So obsessed with her baby bump, with their home, with Rebecca's ingenious details.. and of course, with these photos! Hope ya'll like them too!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The LaFlare Affair: Part II

Hopefully ya'll have had a chance to check out the first half of Kristin & George's beautiful east coast wedding.. if not.. take a second and click here.  Now I'm so thrilled to be sharing the rest of their special day!
I honestly don't know how I've gotten so lucky with my wedding clients. Kristin & George in particular were so ridiculously easy to work with. They were up for anything.. and their body language and chemistry with one another were so easy and natural that my direction was minimal. Most importantly I really think they had fun being in front of the camera.. which isn't an easy thing to do especially when you've already got so much going on in your head and heart as you do on your wedding day.
I have to say that I'm a little sad to be making this post... as it'll be the last time I work with these wedding photos. I loved taking them and I love going through them.. and I can only hope that the LaFlares can say the same. As I've said before.. (and will continue to say about all of the weddings I shoot).. it was an absolute honor to capture this beautiful event.
Kristin + George.. I wish you two nothing but health and happiness and lots of cute babies (furry and non-furry) in the years to come. xoxo

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