Monday, April 30, 2018

Little One: Jackson

Oh goodness. What is it about tiny squishy babies? All the little details of a newborn session are endless and no matter how many babies you've met.. each one feels so new and amazing and well... special. And not only do I get to meet these adorable littles.. I get to spend time watching their proud parents soak them all in. What I love more than that, are those tiny little moments when mom and dad realize that they haven't had the chance to look at each other in a few days. With all the new things that take up your time and attention you sometimes forget to spend a little time soaking in all the little details about the person who helped you make this tiny miracle. And its a privilege to capture that moment.. when dad looks at mom and says "oh... hey there!". And this dad had the most intense "hey" I've seen in a while. Welcome to the world baby boy Jackson.. your parents ADORE you.. and its nice to see they are pretty crazy about each other too. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Stella Turns 2!

I am so blessed to get paid to do something I love so much. Nowadays I no longer "have" to make a living shooting photos. The pressure is totally off.. and I get to choose what I want to shoot and who to shoot for. And since I became a momma.. nothing makes me happier then taking photos of kids. I now truly understand just how special every little expression.. hug.. kiss and laugh is to mom and dad.. and I want to capture it all for them. 
Stella's laughs were certainly no exception. This sweet little girl recently turned two and her parents brought together her friends and family to celebrate. It was a backyard get-together.. with bubbles, and coloring.. food, sweets, fun and MUSIC! I'm pretty sure Stella and all her friends had a blast. Here are the highlights of the day! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Maternity: Emily + Rich

I can't believe its taken me this long to post these photos. But SO thrilled to finally be doing so!!!
Rich and Emily are one of the sweetest couples you'll ever meet. Their heart for Jesus and their love for each other and their little family is so apparent in everything they do. I met Emily through work a couple of years ago, and we became pregnant with our first babies within months of each other. It was so helpful and fun to have someone to compare prego stories with and she has become such a dear friend. (In fact, Rich photographed my wedding in Costa Rica and Emily and baby were able to come with.. and the trio seriously MADE our wedding. En Serio.)
Anyway Elisha is now 6 months old. (How is that possible?) But I figure its never too late to share his momma's beautiful baby bump pics. I should also note that Emily has started her own business selling adorable handmade paci-clips and teethers. Go check out her stuff on Etsy!
Hope ya'll love these images as much as I do! As always.. they were shot with oh so much love!!

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