Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby Shower: Rania

Hola! So I'm still in Costa Rica.. and have so many new photos of my adventures here to share with you all.. but they are going to have to wait a bit because this post is way overdue!!
One of the best things that happens in my line of work is getting referred by a former client to their friends and family. It is the biggest compliment a client can give me! And I can't say enough about this particular network of people. Seeing how these women support and love on one another is so great.. and fortunately for me.. they have so much fun together. It makes taking photos of their events so entertaining and easy! Another thing that makes me feel incredibly lucky to work with them is how talented they are at putting together gorgeous events.
I have previously featured Rachel and Rania's event styling (which you can see here). That event was a bridal shower they threw for Christine (their best friend and one of my VIP clients). The shower was so gorgeous it was also featured on Love the Day, and it has quite the following on Pinterest. Needless to say, these twin sisters are a power duo, but with this baby shower they proved that they can be quite awesome all on their own.
Anyone who has ever hosted any kind of party knows how much work goes into planning it, especially when you are making any effort to make it pretty and memorable. Rachel was apparently inspired by her new auntie-status, because the details of this event are on another level.
Rania's baby shower took place at Fig & Olive on Melrose, a popular dining spot for A-list celebrities. I point that out because when you know the type of clientele this place accommodates, you can get an idea of just how classy and attentive the service was that the mother-to-be and her guests received.
Impeccable service was just one of the many things that made this afternoon special and I'm honored to have documented it all. Rania, I know that you are probably reading this during Sydney's nap time or tummy time and hope that you are enjoying every second of being a new mom!
As always, these photos were taken and worked on with so much love! Hope ya'll enjoy them!

"For Rania's shower, we wanted to do something outside of the standard pink baby shower, so we opted for a coral/aqua color scheme.  We wanted the setting to be simple and sophisticated, so we opted for the coral and orange vases (or add a pop of color) with white orchids and roses."

And speaking of auntie.. here is Rachel and her sister.. hot momma Rania.

One of my favorite features of this shower was the party gift for the guests. The beauty bar was a brilliant idea.. filled with bath & body works products and other assorted bath and beauty items. And all of them played with the color styling of the shower of course!

And as I mentioned before, it all took place at Fig & Olive. If you haven't been.. go. Its gorgeous. And the food is to die. No. Joke.
Fig & Olive was a perfect venue, it was light, airy and contemporary.  They had a lovely indoor garden that would set the perfect backdrop for the shower.  Their food is innovative and delicious, and their service wonderful.  Overall, we had a great experience with Fig & Olive and would consider the venue for future events.

I'm a sucker for details and pretty food. And their famous Fig & Olive Chicken Tajine deserves to be photographed often. Then printed and framed and happy-sighed at.
fig and olive melrose
This. Cake.    And oh yes, it tasted just as good as it looks.

I'm wrapping this post up with some more shots of Rania with family and friends because I have to point out that baby Sydney is so lucky to have an incredibly sweet and loving community to grow up in.

Here is some vendor info:

Flowers - Los Angeles Flower Market, arranged by Rachel
Vases - Target
Cake - Vanilla Bake Shop
Favors/Beauty Bar - Items from all over, Bath & Body Works, Forever21, Target
Menus/Place Cards, etc. - Designed and printed by Rachel

Finally.. I am SO thrilled and excited to share that upon my return to Los Angeles, I get to photograph another baby shower. This time Rania gets to celebrate her sister Rachel! Shortly after this shower, Rachel announced she was pregnant with a baby boy. There really is no point in elaborating on how awesome all of that is. Its perfectly obvious.
Congratulations Rania and Rachel!! And thank you for having me be a part of these special moments!

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