Thursday, August 1, 2013

Costa Rica: Salitral

A few weeks ago, I went hiking with my tio and his family in Salitral, Santa Ana, Costa Rica (where my mom grew up) and I was smart enough to bring my camera with me. Here's just a little taste of the gorgeousness.

a tree in salitral, santa ana, costa rica
nature in salitral, santa ana, costa rica
la naturalez en salitral, santa ana, costa rica
saenz sandi, salitral, costa rica

I hardly ever include photos of myself on this blog.. but that one was just too good not to. I had my tio take that pic of me with my tia and my cousin (with Ari of course!) and it turns out my uncle is a much better comedian than he is a photographer. Completely cut off the gorgeous view behind us.. but had us all laughing. And that pic on the right is of my dog.. acting like a common street bum, passed out from hiking-with-little-legs exhaustion at the entrance of a neighborhood business.
Livin' and lovin' la pura vida!!

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