Thursday, July 11, 2013

Costa Rica: Brisas Del Mar

For a recent special occasion.. I was treated out to a fantastically delicious dinner at Brisas Del Mar in Santa Teresa, Mal Pais. And per usual, I couldn't put my camera down. We were lucky enough to show up before they had officially opened for the day. So I was able to walk around and capture details without bothering anyone and more importantly.. I got to watch the Brisas Del Mar VIP enjoy themselves before happy hour. (And for later reference, yes, that is a homemade soccer ball they are playing with.) 
The weather went from hot and sunny earlier in the day to gray and rainy. Some may have been disappointed by having such a spectacular view and not getting a shiny sunny evening.. but I adored the stormy sky we got. (And not pictured here.. was the perfectly awesome lightning storm we were treated to during dinner.) Although once the food was served we were oblivious to the weather or the view.. because the food at Brisas is TO DIE. Seriously ya'll. Fresh. Creative. Yum. So fresh and creative they can't use a printed menu. Only a big ol' fun piece of chalkboard to write down the daily menu. By the way, the only plate pictured here is what we started off with.. the fried calamari. And yes, it was as good as it looks. 
I do just want to add how incredibly lucky I feel to get to photograph gorgeous human interaction and little pieces of natural wonder during my lengthy stay here in Costa Rica. And it stirs my heart up to have this tiny little spot on the world wide web to share those photos with all of you.
Blessed beyond belief.
Mal pais, santa teresa, costa rica, brisas del mar
Mal pais, santa teresa, costa rica, brisas del mar

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