Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rhys Everett Flynn

This was my facebook status update on April 12th of this year:

I just spent the day watching Lindsay Flynn labor and give birth to a gorgeous and healthy baby boy. Rhys Everett Flynn I CANNOT wait to tell you stories of what an amazingly strong and amazing woman your momma is.

Ladies and gents... she did it all natural... with NO DRUGS.

There wasn't a dry eye in the room. Intense. Gnarly. Awesome. Godly. Blessed. Love. I'm so proud of you Linds. Thank you for once again allowing me to be a part of such a special day!

p.s. "Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers ~ strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength." Amen.

Lindsay Flynn has been in my life for what feels like the perfect amount of time. We knew and loved each other like sisters long before she met her husband and became a wife.. and long before she became an amazing mother. And I am so incredibly happy that she loves and trusts me enough to have welcomed me in to her delivery room for the birth of both of her sons. However, as you can tell from that fb status update.. there was something about this second delivery that made it even much more incredible. Because of that experience, I might just be the slightest bit biased.. but.. I have to confess that I think that these are the best photos I have ever taken. No, I'm not bragging. I'm just aware of the following facts that make these photos as perfect as they are:

- the tiny, handsome human being in these photos is less than an hour old.
- that precious, proud older brother Declan, is meeting his baby brother for the very first time.
- the photos of all four of the Flynns are newborn Rhys' first family portraits
- that even though all babies are miracles, Rhys' life is a particularly special and prayed for miracle
- Lindsay just gave birth, and Brady just supported her through it and yet both of them still managed to look oh so perfectly styled and coiffed.
- both Declan and Rhys are just ridiculously good looking

Ta da! A recipe for perfect photos.
Shot and worked on with an immense amount of love... hope ya'll love them too!

pssstt.. Rhys is pronounced Reese.. just in case you were wondering. And just like the name Declan.. it is OH so irish and awesome. :)

Supportive hubby, an awesome doula, and two anxious friends and a mom standing by... all a woman in labor could possibly need. (Oh and some drugs.. but apparently Lindsay was feeling too kickass for those.) 

And just like in a cooking show.. where the perfect looking dish is popped out of the oven (Sorry Linds, I know it didn't go quite like that)...  she gave birth to Rhys and here is an amazing shot of what I can only describe as a look of thankfulness+relief+exhaustion+happiness+joy+pure love as Lindsay holds baby Rhys for the first time.

Then.. despite how comfy Rhys was in his momma's arms.. he had to be weighed, measured and pampered. As you can see, he wasn't too happy about that.

And while he was being weighed.. proud daddy snapped photos.. Rhys kept demanding his momma..  happy Grandma and helpful doula looked on.. and I took the whole scene in.

And then I snuck in to snap a photo of Rhys' yummy, oh so new, oh-aren't-they-just-perfect.. little baby feet!

Rhys was then bundled up and handed back to momma.. and Brady shared the happy news and details with loved ones.    p.s. I cannot say enough about the staff at Hoag Hospital. Simply amazing.

Why.. hello there Rhys!! (You can tell he was still trying to get over those brief moments away from his momma.)

Mrs. Lindsay Flynn, mother of TWO!  Gorgeously strong!!!  (Love you girl!)
And after some time back with his momma, Rhys totally chilled out after a bit. See?

And then life got even better... quality time with dad!!

 And then the 2nd biggest moment of the day had arrived... big brother arrived to meet baby brother!
At this point, Braedon went to grab his camera.. because thats what he does. And as much as I understand and sympathize with the overwhelming need to grab and use a recording device in life's precious moments.. I immediately ordered him to put it down and be in the moment..  because no matter how awesome a photographer you are.. it ain't possible to do both things at once. And I'm so thankful that he listened.

After the initial meet and greet, Declan got a few quiet moments with momma, and Grandma Flynn got a family pic with Rhys.

Declan then demanded that baby brudder go back to momma.. and moments afterwards provided for the yummiest of photos.

"Where's his belly button?"
Are. You. Kidding. Me.
And this photo is the stuff that my camera dreams about at night, all tucked away in the comfort of its camera bag...

Finally.. even though the perfection of the photo above is definitely more than enough to end this post with.. I just couldn't get enough of this photo. I posted it before in black and white.. but here it is again in color.. because feet just don't get any better looking or happier.. than this.

As amazing as these photos are, they don't do the day or this family justice. Lindsay and Brady.. I'm SO honored and blessed to be Tia to your boys!! I pray that God continues to care for and protect your beautiful family with health and happiness. Thank you for letting me use the recording device to capture your precious moments!!  Much love!!


  1. Andrea, AWESOME PHOTOS and you, once again, were awesome during the whole process Lindsay is lucky to have you as a friend and the boys as TIA Andrea. Love, "EMMA" or kathy, colorado granny

  2. Andrea. These photos are so good! So special to have these moments captured and you did it so well. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts. XO - Braedon


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