Friday, April 27, 2012

Chawlie Guy

Nope. There isn't a typo in the title of this blog. This little guy's name is Charlie.. but every time I say his name in my head.. it sounds like Chawlie. Why? Because months before he was born his older sisters and family would mimick this preciously funny video. And no, the video didn't inspire his name.. its just a happy coincidence. :)

So little Chawlie Guy (yes, I'm going to keep doing that) was supposed to be born on March 17th, but he decided he wanted to surprise everyone and come early.. and arrived healthy and gorgeous on March 11th, 2012.

8 days later I arrived in Palm Springs, camera in hand, dying to get some pics of the little guy. Just a few weeks earlier I had taken family and maternity photos (which you can see here and here).. and just like those photo shoots were.. this one was low-key, relaxed and easy. No studio lights, or baskets, or chalkboards with witty messages. Just a ridiculously cute baby.. and okay.. maybe just 1 or 2 outfit changes. :)

Please click on 2nd photo and beyond to view as a slideshow. As always.. made with oh so much love. Hope ya'll like them! 

No one can withstand this child's charm.. not even the family dog.
Maybe not the greatest shot.. but just too cute not to share. This is him in grandma's arms. Did I mention he was only 8 days old here?!
His uncle Daniel bought him some H&M baby awesomeness.. and even though the hat wasn't meant for an 8 day old we just couldn't help ourselves!

 Nothin like chillin with daddy's tie on and a passy.

 Such hard work being this adorable!

Charlie's father Geoff, is British... and proud of it. So he styled this part of the shoot... and really the only thing that could have made these shots better is a little bit of some stars and stripes. :P  (I'm allowed to make that joke because Geoff has a really great sense of humor, right Geoff?)

And I could have kept finding different places around the house to take photos of him in, but he wanted to let us know that he needed a lunch break. Well deserved.  p.s. he's even cute when he cries!
Decided to end the post with this beauty of a pic. Just a little bit of Messerschmidt charm. *wink* 

Alice and Geoff.. congratulations on your new addition. I look forward to many more photo shoots of you and your beautiful children and hope that none of you ever get sick of my camera. 

Baby Chawlie.. at 8 days old, you already have more personality and charm in your little baby finger than most people I know. And you should know how incredibly lucky you are to have been born into this family. You are and always will be incredibly loved. Cheerwio Chawlie!

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