Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jacob and Shawna say their Forevers.

You may remember Jake and Shawna from their family/engagement session that I shared with you a few months back (if ya don't, click here). Well, on April 20th, 2012, I had the honor of photographing their wedding!! After a lot of quality time with my computer, I wrapped up editing and sent them a thousand plus pictures of their special day. Once I did that I was very much looking forward to sharing the best of those pics with all of you, until I was faced with the decision of choosing which ones I would share. The problem being...

I love ALL of the photos taken that day. 

Not an exaggeration... and I'm not being all conceited and biased just because they are pictures that I took (along with the beautiful photos that my second shooter Katelin from Katelin Wallace Photography captured, which are equally amazing). The reason I love all of the photos taken on their wedding day is because I love what Jake and Shawna have. The fun they have with one another, how good lookin they are, and the ease with which they have created a new family is sweet and oh-so-exciting!!

For example, here are some of Shawna:

Are. You. Kidding. Me. 

Or this one of Jake & Tyler..

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. With hundreds of awesome photos like those, what is an excited photographer to do??!

*Ding*     Lightbulb.

I realized that if I created a wedding slideshow, I could share many more photos than I could via a blogpost (atleast without having to create an obnoxiously long blogpost). Not one to shy away from the challenge of learning new software and skills, I took it upon myself to create a fancy slideshow.. one that would hopefully tell a story of the day. Because I don't know if you've noticed but... this blog... what I do.. and hopefully what my clients receive.. is not just about pretty pictures. What I hope to offer them and all of you is a little time capsule of the thoughts, emotions, and LOVE that I am so privileged to be a witness to whenever it is that my camera and I have spent time with them. 

All inspired and motivated.. it still took some time to select the photos. Let's not even talk about the challenge of picking out the songs (yes, there is more than one). And for all of you who have ever created a slideshow using Ken Burns, and timing out the photos to the music.. bless you. The patience and diligence it requires is no joke. But.. I did it. I am thrilled to finally be typing up this blogpost and sharing this slideshow.. not only because I am proud of my work, (and of my decision to hire Katelin as my second shooter).. but also because Jake and Shawna will be able to proudly share this with their family and friends.. and more importantly, keep it as a reminder of all the little moments that made up their BIG day.

If ya'll are wondering about the country music.. assuming that I'm just throwing in MY amazing musical taste.. I'll have you know that these awesome people actually like country!! So there! :P   

Before I end this post, Shawna wanted to extend her thanks and appreciation to all of the people and vendors that were a part of making her wedding so great.

Hair - Brandi Malavenda, The Grand Salon in Brea
Makeup - Alyssa Ashley
Coordinators - Terilyn Howell and Michael Leitao,
DJ Chris (& photobooth!) -
Cake - Cinderella Cakes
Dress - David's Bridal
Flowers - designs by Melia Wedding Floral
Centerpieces -
Table # Board, Love Banner, Love Sign - All made by my mom, Kim Malavenda :)
Hotel Laguna - Christy Johnson, venue coordinator
Photography - (Me!) Andrea Patricia Photography with second shooter: Katelin Wallace

Jake & Shawna, thank you for letting me be a part of the first day of your Happily Ever After.  And here is what the fuss is all about. Hope ya'll love it.. as always, made with lots of love!

Jake + Shawna's Wedding Slideshow!! 

Would love to know what ya'll think... so leave me some comment love. It would be much appreciated! 

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