Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bun in the Oven: Rhys Everett Flynn

Shooting and editing photos never feels like work.. but it feels even less like work when I'm doing it for a loved one. And in this case, I was doing it for Lindsay Flynn and her adorable baby bump. I haven't even met Rhys yet (unless you count feelin his elbows and knees pressed up against his momma's belly), but he already has a special place in my heart. So I took my time trying to make this post reflect not only my love for Lindsay and her new baby, but also to show how much love went into the planning of this event.

Ya'll should know that I had one heck of a hard time selecting the photos for this post. The details of this baby shower were just too amazing. So I am sharing more details than I usually would, but with good reason. Everything you are going to see was executed by the awesomely funny and talented Emily Owen (who owns a papergoods company called Wiley Valentine). With help from Sandra Hill (who is due around the same time Lindsay is), and the gracious hosting of Emily's mother, Emily put together the most creative and thoughtful details in celebration of baby Rhys' upcoming arrival. As if that wasn't enough, Cassidy Flynn (Lindsay's sister-in-law) catered the event, displaying the culinary delight that is Seaside Kitchen. With help from Wanda (Lindsay's mother-in-law), Cassidy put together a perfect menu of healthy, gluten-free, delicious food. And in case you're inspired by the photos, you should know that you can find those recipes and information about her boutique catering services here. Finally, Miss Casey Lange took care of our sweet tooths with the desserts. Unfortunately she just cooks for fun, so I can't provide you with her contact info.. but I hope that changes at some point because she could make a really good living with her baking skills! And I wouldn't be surprised if I've forgotten to credit someone for something and my sincerest apologies if I have. I guess the most important thing is.. Lindsay had a great time. :)

This event was created and hosted by a lot of talented people. And I think when you're using your talents to celebrate someone that is special to you, your skills are magnified. Hence why I am PROUDLY sharing these photos with Lindsay.. and with you all. Even if the contrast is off, or they aren't as sharp as they could be, or I chose a funny angle... every photo was snapped with the intention of saying.. congratulations on your baby boy Lindsay and Brady!  And as a p.s. to baby boy Rhys... your tia is so excited about getting to hold you very soon!! 

This is Lindsay.. and as you can see she's perfectly comfortable in front of the camera and with good reason.... she's Gorge Sauce.

This kitchen is already so fantastic.. but then you add these sweet details and its picture perfect!
*And please remember that if you click on any of the photos a slideshow option will appear. 


This is Cassidy's business card, just had to include it because I love and respect anybody who believes in the power of healthy eating!
These berry trifles were as good as they look. Such a cute idea.. especially because they coordinated with the colors of the shower. 
I mean.. seriously! Who thinks of making brownies even more awesome with cute little signs? 
Having all the children's books everywhere was so clever.. such an easy thing to do!

Um, striped straws with the baby's name on them placed in mason jars? Yes please. 

And don't even get me started with the invite.. this is the kind of detailed amazingness offered to you by Wiley Valetine. From the colors to the fonts.. too much! (And those blueberries in my bubbly? I don't mind if I do thank you!)

I just had to include this shot of Emily and Sandra.. they really did a lovely job putting everything together. Lindsay is incredibly blessed to have such sweet friends.

And what better party favor then a bookmark for a book themed shower? ADORE.

We had been worried about the weather because of how finnicky the past few months have been here in Cali.. but we were blessed with a perfect sunny and cool day.

You know you're a mom when you get that excited about tiny little clothes that aren't for you. Love it!

Gotta love springtime! :)
The fabulously beautiful Flynn ladies. (Casey I know its not technical but its definitely honorary! :)

And no, I didn't prop that plant in between there bellies like that.. as I've said before, my lens and I are lucky that way. :)

Thought these portraits were too cute and even cuter grouped together. Rhys is already quite the ladies man!

Love love love this shot of Emily and her mom... who hosted the shower in her perfectly styled and decorated home. *happy sigh of a photo!*

Ending the post with this photo because I know Linds will love it. Life is good when you've got good girlfriends by your side.

So I know that Lindsay would've loved to have her mother, sisters and Colorado friends and family at the shower.. but I'm happy to report that I know for a fact that she felt incredibly honored and loved on by her So Cal community. How could she not? Pretty and thoughtful details, yummy drinks, food and desserts.. and sweet guests who loved on Rhys with fun baby stuff.  Truth be told.. I dont think showers get the credit they deserve. A chance to celebrate new life should never be taken for granted.

Linds I'm so honored to have been a part of putting this event together for you. Hope these photos remind you of how loved you are.. and get you even more excited to meet Rhys soon! xo

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