Sunday, March 18, 2012

Alice & Charlie

I just love how those two names sound together and I think it perfectly fitting as a title for this post.  

This is all about Alice and Charlie.

I've actually posted photos of Alice and the rest of her beautiful family here. The day after that family shoot, Alice and I headed over to the Parker in Palm Springs. I had been to the hotel once before for a wedding and I knew the location would be perfect for Alice's maternity shoot. And Alice had never been to the hotel before, so it was fun introducing her to the gorgeous hotel grounds.

I want to say that this is my favorite assortment of photos ever, but honestly I feel that way about almost all of the photos I've shared on this blog. But there's just something so incredibly delicious about this set of pictures. I worked hard at placing her in certain spots, trying to avoid the day's harsh lighting and then worked even harder at editing these photos, but at the end of the day what makes them so incredible is.. they're just so Alice. And you should know that she did her own hair, make-up and wardrobe for the shoot. Um, perfect?  Yes.

Please note that if you click on any photo a slideshow option appears in order for you to view the photos in their entirety on your screen. 

As always.. all of these were made with so much love for Alice and Charlie.. and hope ya'll enjoy them too! 


See? Amazingness.   

A few weeks later on March 11th, 2012 Charlie Guy Messerschmidt was born all dark haired and handsome. He's just as good lookin as his momma is! Which is great since it means more gorgeousness to share with you all in the near future. :)  Alice and Geoff.. my sincerest congratulations on your precious little boy!

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