Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pretty AND Witty

I've said it before.. and I'll say it again.. and again and again: I love photography. And while I can appreciate the artistry in the work of most photographers.. I have difficulty seeing my work as anything other than pretty pictures. And perhaps it is a lack of confidence in my skills or maybe I recognize that up until now.. I've only worked towards being able to capture pretty things as well as I possibly can. And what my current photography class is showing me is that anybody can take a pretty picture. But the pictures that move people.. or even just make them take a second look.. are the ones that have a story.. a purpose.. or even just a hint of wit.

Thomas Allen has taken retro novels, and has used the magic of photography to make a flat, lifeless object... into something worth taking a second look at.

So I drove home all inspired.. with all of this belief in my potential..and a million ideas.. and then I take a quick look at Jasmine Star's blog.. and POOF. Confidence is gone. I'm once again focusing on all that I am not.. and cannot.. and will not EVER be or do. And its that same voice that keeps me from ordering business cards... hiring a website designer.. doing the things that I would need to do in order to begin a business in this field.. and all because I think that someone is going to come along.. read this and think, 1) She uses WAY too many ........ and 2) Aw, she takes pretty pictures, thats cute.

Somehow.. despite the negativity and self-doubt, I keep taking pictures.. and I keep blogging.. and I keep using these ..... lol, And ironically, what made my confidence POOF, is what made me blog tonight. Because what I admire about Jasmine is how in the midst of giving us glimpses into her fairytale marriage and successful career.. she reminds readers that she came from humble beginnings.. and still works hard at believing in herself. Her honesty and vulnerability is inspiring.. and I can only hope to one day have someone read my blogs.. or see my work and be moved somehow.. or at the very least.. be able to find wit in it.

And because I do very much want to believe in my own work.. I'm going to try and share at least one photo I've taken with each blog post.

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