Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Korean Friendship Bell, San Pedro

So this first pic isn't particularly special.. I just wanted to show a little bit of the layout of where I was. I had never been here and I didnt know that there was another parking lot that made it a lot easier to access the bell.. so I actually did a little hike up this hill.. (in my ballet flats).. and thats my PT in the parking lot looking oh-so-tiny. :) This link shows a little video of the view from up there... and it also gives a description of the significance and history of the bell.

I'm absolutely in love with the details of this structure..

I typically dont like blacking out my subject.. but I love this outline against the sky.

These last two are my favorite.. got to use my tripod about 2 minutes before the park closed.. And I just love the effect of the yellow light.. against the richness of the blue sky.

I've been enjoying my visits to San Pedro. So many interesting little spots, with incredible views.. and only 15 min from downtown Long Beach. Plus, I get all excited when I discover things I never even knew existed in SoCal!

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