Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Low & High Key Portraits

Not official but I'm pretty sure these are the shots I'll submit for my latest photo assignment..

Have to give props to both of my models.. this first shot was one of the very last photos I took of Mike after two nights of shooting. It was late, it was cold.. and the bike really shouldn't have been there.. but I swear even if we had gotten yelled at by San Clem cops.. this pic would have made it totally worth it. And technically it doesn't meet all the requirements of a low key portrait.. but I love it so much that I'm gonna decide to ignore that. ;)

The 2nd portrait was one of the last shots after a long day of trying to get the shoot to even happen.. haha.. Joe was so patient with me!! Walkin around the streets of Seal trying to find a way to shoot a highkey photo.. and it suddenly dawns on us to use the BEACH. duh.

I have more pics from both shoots that I'll be posting soon.. and next time I swear I'll be getting amazing shots of these guys actually smiling.

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