Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So.. a little bit ago.. I blogged about the concept I wanted to use for my "YouBook" assignment.. about how Solitude doesn't have to equate to loneliness.. but.. it turns out that the book needs to share something personal about us.. it needs to somehow reflect something that makes up an essential part of who I am. So.. I had a flashback to a ad campaign that I absolutely adored. There were a few commercials.. but I mostly appreciated the print ads that were posted on the subways in New York. Here's a collage of the pics from the print campaign,

and then there's a link to a blog.. that discusses how the campaign encourages us to Reach Out and Get Together... which includes this quote: "Author Desmond Morris says, 'Something special happens when two people touch each other physically, whether it be a handshake, a pat on the back, or a slap on the face.'"


So how does this reflect an essential part of who I am?
1) My mom's #1 love language is touch.. and she spoiled me and my brothers with backrubs and hugs.
2) In Costa Rica, we greet with a kiss to the cheek, my grandmother will pat my hands while she speaks with me, and my cousins will braid my hair as we catch up on life... its in my DNA. :)
3) I love observing and analyzing all forms of communication... and physical touch is definitely one of them.
4) I'm a mushy romantic, family-love, lovin kinda girl. I smile when I see an elderly couple holding hands and love to see a little girl with her arms wrapped around her father's neck.
5) And finally, I'm addicted to the cyberworld.. as are most people I know.. and I think that touch and physical connectedness are quickly going the way of film, VHS, and answering machines... and I'd like to use this project to make a statement about its importance.

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