Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Goodbye Pasadena: Felicia + Luke + Juicy

For those of you who are cynical about love and all that mushy stuff, you might want to skip this post. Because Felicia and Luke are for reals. Anybody who has ever spent 5 minutes with them can attest to that. They are THAT couple. The couple who finds a way to constantly show one another their love and appreciation and who seem to fall more in love with each other with every passing moment. And then you add a cute little dog to the mix.. (Juicy).. and you have all the chemistry and adorableness needed for an incredible photo shoot. And did I mention how ridiculously good looking they are? Yup. THAT couple. By the way, if they look familiar to you its because you've probably seen them in commercials or as extras on shows. In addition to running Luke's clothing company (Land of Apparel) they made a living as actors here in L.A.
So Luke and Felicia have been married for years, and aren't preggers (yet), so what inspired the shoot? Well,  despite their very full and successful lives here in L.A., they decided to move to Seattle. (They wanted to be around their family once they started having kids.) It wasn't an easy decision because they loved their home and their life in Pasadena. This shoot was a way for them to document their happy years here in So Cal. So I shot them hanging at their home and at a few of their favorite spots in Pasadena. (This post features the fabulous Colorado Street Bridge.)
The move happened very fast and the awesome couple are already loving and enjoying their new beginning up in the northwest.. in fact, it happened so fast that I'm hoping this post will bring back the warm and fuzzies and make them realize how much they've been able to accomplish together. I'm so happy that they trusted me to capture this time in their lives!
I love this couple. I love this dog. And I love these pics and hope ya'll do too!! As always.. shot and worked on with oh-so-much love!
couple, popcorn, lifestyle
couple, colorado street bridge, pasadena
couple, colorado street bridge, pasadena
couple, colorado street bridge, pasadena
This last shot is one of my favs. Especially because we had to do some illegal pedestrian maneuvering to make it happen! haha
Luke and Felicia, I'm so happy that you trusted me to capture this time in your lives! I happen to know that the last couple of months have been especially fabulous (hello dreamy European vacation!) and I couldn't be happier for you two! Congratulations on starting off on your new adventure and I wish you nothing but incredible health and happiness for many years to come!! p.s. Tell Juicy Ari says what's up!


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