Monday, May 6, 2013

Baby: Chiara Mae

Happy Monday! Its rainy here in Southern California.. so I wanted to post a little something that will brighten up your day.
So Chiara's proud papa wasn't able to be there when we did her newborn shoot, so we scheduled a daddy/daughter shoot for a few days after (which I will be sharing very soon). And once we had wrapped, little miss Chiara was still so sound asleep that I just had to set this shot up. I had been dyin to do it during her previous newborn shoot, but she wouldn't have it. Something about having just met me and how dare I ask her to show her bare bum.
Now that she was more comfy in front of the camera (and admittedly it was warmer in the house that day), she allowed her momma to gently pose her on this gorgeous dining room chair. And that was it. I had some gorgeous natural light and Chiara had natural baby deliciousness... a recipe for photo perfection.
No hoping here. I KNOW you will absolutely love these. As always.. shot and worked on with so much love! 

I have to tell ya'll that the last picture easily makes my top 5 favorite photos I have ever taken. Its beautiful and cute and artsy and easy.. and your eyes want to cover every inch of it all at the same time. *dreamy sigh*
Shannon & Brian.. thank you for allowing me to document this time in your lives. Really hope I've been able to capture at least a little bit of your daughter's total perfection. xo

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