Saturday, September 8, 2012

Love on Film: Luke and Felicia

I love digital cameras. I love that you can shoot all day and as long as you've got enough battery power and flash memory, there is nothing stopping you. I love being able to see the photo instantly and I love how easy post production is. I even love how accessible it has made photography to the general public. Despite what most people think, I think it actually has done a service to professional photographers. Slowly but surely people are starting to realize that even if you have awesome equipment, you still have to know how to use it!
And with all that being said... oh my goodness how I LOVE film! I loved the classes I took to learn how to shoot with film.. I loved all those hours spent in the dark room learning how to process film and develop pictures. I love that grainy look.. the sound the camera makes when you snap the picture.. the way every single detail is captured.. and how no matter how good your digital shot is or how amazing your photoshop skills are.. it is almost near impossible to make a photo look like it was shot on film. But.. just like most fine arts.. film is expensive. The materials, time and processing all cost quite a bit. You can't just drop your film off at CVS and expect to be blown away. So.. for now I only dabble in film. Every now and then on a shoot I'll bring some along with me and will take some shots when I think the light is just too good to pass up.
And a few weeks ago I went on a shoot to get some headshots of my friend Felicia. Her hubby Luke came along as the lighting assistant, and because they are just so cute together and the light was so right.. I had them model for me for a bit. The light screamed for film, I did my thing, hoped for the best, dropped off the film at ProPhoto in Irvine (they are awesome by the way), had them scanned at large resolution, waited, and.. I got these emailed to me today.
This is how they came out. No editing. No photoshop. Nada. Just raw, amazing detail of two gorgeous people in head over heels love taken in dreamy golden light. *happysigh*
sunlight couple
couple in sunlight

Right??!!! These make me want to run out and buy out Kodak.. build a darkroom.. and sell my digital cameras.  Seriously.  Don't get me wrong.. I really love all the photos I've shared with you on this blog (the vast majority of them taken with my digital camera).. but there is something special about the process of shooting with film. It is so incredibly satisfying. Anyway, I could go on all day about this.. when the truth is that these pics speak for themselves!!
Luke and Felicia.. so happy that you get to have these. Your love and energy is so incredibly contagious. Thanks for being so awesome and for being so ridiculously good looking! :P

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