Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1st Birthday Party: Sweet Annie

Red, White and Sugar. Perfect recipe for a sweet birthday party! And that's exactly what Annie got to celebrate her first year of life. Proud mama just started her own dessert business (The Flouring Artisans), and I could definitely see why she felt driven to do so. The treats were incredibly yummy (Yes, I did get invited to take some home thank you very much!) and she did such a great job designing the dessert station!
And just fyi, a couple of posts ago I shared pics I took of the invites to Annie's birthday party (you can see those here).. and now I'm happy to be sharing the pics from the party itself! Enjoy!
Starting off with simply sharing a few of my favorite shots of the day of some of the treats, the thank you x-large lollipop included in the goodie bag, some of the party deco, anndd.. the birthday girl and her proud parents. (How adorable is that child?!)
This is what I meant about the design of the dessert station. Casey actually made a drawing of it before putting it together. So impressive!
And here are some of the sweet details.. I especially loved the that polka dot wagon the party favors were placed in. So cute!
We took a minute to shoot some family pics in the backyard.. and I love how they turned out. The word "sweet" may be way overused in this post.. but I just can't help it! These are toothache sweet!
Just. Stop. IT. Anyone who's tried to take family portraits with a toddler knows how priceless the larger photo below is!
And how could I not include some portraits of the birthday girl? Sweet dress, some grass.. and a bunny of course!
Switching gears.. the party was held at Annie's grandfather's home in Sierra Madre. It was a gorgeous day.. not too hot.. perfectly sunny and gorgeous. I got a chance to walk the grounds and just had to share a few of those shots.
A few more location shots..
And it was a 1 year old's party.. but there was something for everyone!
 And just a few more candid snapshots because they are way too yummy not to share!
And then it was time for cake! Grandma got the honor of holding babygirl Annie while friends and family sang Happy Birthday to her. Gotta love her dad, trying to get her excited about her cake!  And then.. Annie got to dig in to her very first birthday cake!
And had to give this cake the attention it deserved. Ta da! (Plus a quick look at the invite). And yes, Annie's mom Casey made that cake from scratch!
Finally it was time for everyone to go home. But not before Annie got a chance to get some snapshots with family and of course.. a ride in that awesome polka dot red and white wagon!
When I look at that shot of Annie and her friend in the wagon can't help but caption it with "Girl!! Where did you get that dress?!! Too cute!" haha (I may be spending way too much time looking at these pics.. but it made me laugh so there!)

Anyway.. the only thing that could have made this post better was to somehow be able to provide ya'll with samples of Casey's handiwork. Delicious! Other than that.. I do hope ya'll loved them!
Casey, thanks so much for hiring me to cover this special day. You have an incredibly sweet family and have been blessed with such a precious little girl! I wish all of you tons of health and happiness!!

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