Friday, August 24, 2012

Pretty RSVP

I don't care how amazingly fun and easy electronic invites are.. there is just something so nice about getting a snail mail invitiation. Its even better when that invite has been beautifully designed and created by the gals over at Wiley Valentine. Such was the case for sweet Annie's family and friends, who were lucky enough to receive this invite in the mail a few months ago.

And when I was hired to shoot Annie's birthday party (who just happened to be a friend of Rachelle, one of the lovely WV ladies), I knew I had to make an extra special effort to get at least one or two great shots of the invite. And ya'll can scoff or tease all you want.. but I really love these photos. I like taking something as simple as a paper invitation and trying to make something more out of it. For you photographers out there.. I encourage you to try doing something different while shooting details at your next event. It gets your creativity agoin.. (no, that isn't a typo).. and it gives all of the nonphotographers out there something pretty to look at. :)

Coming soon... pics from Annie's 1st birthday party!! :)

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