Monday, August 20, 2012

Engagement: Kim + Ryan

Oh Kim and Ryan.
I loved spending the day with you guys for oh so many reasons.
1) Agreeing to take part in a WHOLE DAY of shooting at multiple locations.
2) For being incredibly good looking.
3) For being incredibly oh so in love.
4) For loving one another so well.*
*Some might argue that 3 & 4 are the same thing. But I think its easy to be "in love" with someone. If its all about physical attraction, or how that person makes YOU feel, or what you can get out of being with that person.. you can easily become infatuated with someone. However, to love someone well.. to be other-centered, to be happy only if the person you love is happy.. to be attentive and concerned.. protective... none of that is easy. And yet, Kim and Ryan make it look easy.
5) For making good, happy, wholesome, glowy kind of love look easy! 

If you've been paying attention you'll have noticed that I mentioned this shoot took a whole day. Today's post is only going to share the pictures from the morning shoot because these photos deserve their very own blogpost!
A little bit about this shoot:
I love today's trend of engagement shoots featuring picnic baskets, and gowns, and fantastically lit exotic or extreme locations.. but sometimes the normal, daily, comfy moments in life are overlooked. So I asked Kim if she'd be okay with doing a part of the shoot at their place and whether or not her place got any good sunlight. Her response: "we get a lot of light from the east facing window in the kitchen".
Amazing how you can read that and think eh, okay. And then you see this:
And think... THAT was shot in a KITCHEN?!  Yup, the light was that great.. and it was so easy!
So unless you have tried to photograph couples before, you might not appreciate this.. but I just have to say that these shots were made possible by.. Kim and Ryan. I gave very little direction.. and when I did it went something like this..
Me: "Ryan, could you... (about to tell him to grab her hand and Ryan would grab her hand)
Me: "Kim, could you.. (about to tell her to kiss Ryan.. and Kim would kiss Ryan)
It was just natural and yes, EASY.
Are. You. Kidding. Me. Love this shot of Kim!

I had seen the video of their proposal.. but had not heard about all of the fun details leading up to the big moment. I love hearing about what the guy went through before popping the question and Ryan did not disappoint. I'm sure the guy has told the story hundreds of times since proposing to Kim weeks ago, and yet it sounded like he was telling it for the first time. My favorite part? The ring. It belonged to Ryan's mother, and she offered it to him for the proposal. One problem.. it was gold. And Ryan (like a good man) knew that gold would not have been Kim's first choice. Mom's response? "Well, just have it dipped." Whaatt? (Was my response). Laugh all you want but I didn't know that was an option.. and neither did Ryan. They are both incredibly happy his mom knew about it! That ring looks like it was made for her hand!
Love that Ryan schemed with his family and friends, love the ring, love his mom's generosity and support, and I love this picture.
And the other reason I wanted to spend a little time shooting here is to include the other little member of this family. Well, physically little.. but this guy has a BIG presence! Its all that personality.. and if you look closely.. the claws. :P 
Purrr-fect shot of all three of them..   (come on, like I could resist doing that?) 
Ryan and Kim admit to being expert cuddlers. And when you see these pictures.. who can doubt them?   p.s. I love how Ryan looks at her!
Love, love, love and oh.. love some more.

And even though the shot above would be the perfect way to end this post... all cat owners know.. that its always about them. And really.. if it isn't amazing enough that the couple was so easy to shoot.. the cat posed for me as well. Meow. (That's love in cattalk.)
Ryan and Kim.. I hope that you two love these. They were taken and worked on with much love! Thank you for trusting me to document this special time in your lives. And of course, congratulations on your engagement!! And of course.. excited about sharing the rest of them very soon!

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