Thursday, June 24, 2010


So haven't blogged in a while.. mostly because.. well, I haven't had the time. Have been overwhelmed with work and other responsibilities for the last several weeks.. and when that happens blogging naturally becomes less of a priority. However, I did want to post a quickie... as I have two blogs that I'm setting up to post soon and wanted to kind of set the tone by stating an obvious fact.

I am a Crossfit junkie. 100%. Completely addicted.

And when you love something as much as I love to crossfit.. it is only natural to want to spend time with others who have the same passion and similar mindset. And in addition to the wonderful friends I've made at Crossfit Long Beach.. I can now say that I have crossfit friends throughout So Cal.. and all because of RxStars.

And for those of you who just dont get what all the fuss is about.. I don't blame you. Unless you've been there.. done the workouts.. witnessed breakthrough moments.. experienced mindblowing "OMG I CAN do this!!" revelations... you just won't be able to appreciate what all the hype is about. And yes, it was created by the very amazing, Aly Willier.. but it isn't just about her. Its about the power of what happens when women come together driven by a desire to become better, stronger, faster, and more confident in their own unique talents and capabilities. Girls who've decided that they will no longer listen to the "I can't, won't ever, should not, will nots". Ladies who don't crossfit to be skinny or cool, but who accept the fact that yes, air squats will in fact give ya a little junk in the trunk.. and its a good thing. I honestly wish I could come up with the words to describe the motivation, drive, energy and INSPIRATION that I've witnessed at the RxStar events.. but I honestly can't. I'm just happy and blessed to have been given the opportunity to try and capture it with my camera.

Since this is a photo blog.. I naturally should include a photo with this post.. and its one that I like a lot. Its Aly, doing a handstand, in her cowboy hat, wearing a tanktop gifted to her by Liza Ferraro from FitNHip Wear with the RxStar embellishment of course. :)

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  1. What an AWESOME Blog Andrea!! I love CrossFit, Alygirl and you! Thank you for everything!! Hope to see you soon girls! xo SBX by Liza Ferraro 619-318-8460


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