Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Over 6 years ago I joined a lifegroup through Rock Harbor. Since then some of the members of that group have become family to me. The Stagnos were a part of that group.. and I spent a lot of time with their firstborn, Solomon, prior to my move to NYC and their subsequent move to Maryland. They now have Charlotte, 20 months old... and Amanda is now pregnant with their third child. And the only thing keeping me from being consistently in their lives is a 5 hour flight.

So when I got the chance to come visit them in Maryland.. I made it happen. And today.. Amanda picked me up from the airport.. and after almost 2 years of not having seen them.. there they were:

p.s. Thanks to Michelle for lending me her point and shoot. :)

And so I walked up to them with emotions already swelling up in my chest.. and I gave Amanda a big (and gentle) hug.. and then I squatted down and greeted the kids.. telling Solomon that I'm sure he doesn't remember who I am. And Amanda asks, "Solomon, who is that?" And he looks up at me and replies, "Tia"

Of course I cried. Even if I hadn't been going on two hours of sleep and no food (because AirTran wouldn't know healthy food if it was donated to them for free)... I still would have cried. I loved on that child.. and spent hours with him on my lap, and feeding him and changing him and watching him learn all the precious things that babies learn.. and to be recognized as his Tia.. well, I couldn't be more proud.

And yes, its 3 am in Baltimore. No, I should not be awake. Especially because precious Solomon is going to be up in a few hours.. and something tells me that I won't be quite as pleased by him calling me "Tia" at 7 am tomorrow.

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