Monday, April 30, 2018

Little One: Jackson

Oh goodness. What is it about tiny squishy babies? All the little details of a newborn session are endless and no matter how many babies you've met.. each one feels so new and amazing and well... special. And not only do I get to meet these adorable littles.. I get to spend time watching their proud parents soak them all in. What I love more than that, are those tiny little moments when mom and dad realize that they haven't had the chance to look at each other in a few days. With all the new things that take up your time and attention you sometimes forget to spend a little time soaking in all the little details about the person who helped you make this tiny miracle. And its a privilege to capture that moment.. when dad looks at mom and says "oh... hey there!". And this dad had the most intense "hey" I've seen in a while. Welcome to the world baby boy Jackson.. your parents ADORE you.. and its nice to see they are pretty crazy about each other too. 

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