Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The LaFlare Affair: Part I

Creating a blog post about a wedding is like trying to write a one page essay telling the story of your life. #Areyoukiddingme  So I decided that since it was taking me way too long to edit down the massive blog post I was creating.. I would just do it in two parts. That way you don't have to spend half your day scrolling through this.. and I still get to use all the photos I want to share with ya'll!
So Part 1 will tell the story of Kristin and George getting ready for the biggest day of their lives.. and then seeing each other for the first time in all of their bride and groom awesomeness.. followed by too much fun posing with their bridal party. And all of it was shot with the gorgeous backdrop that is the Rhinecliff Hotel in Rhinebeck, New York.  
On a personal note, I just have to say how lucky I was to be hired by these two adorable human beings. Emailing with Kristin in the months leading up to the wedding got me more and more excited to meet them.. as I quickly discovered our mutual adoration of all things puppy and wanderlusty. And on the actual day of the wedding, their friends and family made me feel so welcome that at times I forgot I was actually being paid to be there. 
Speaking of getting paid.. getting hired to travel to New York and take photos of someone's wedding is a dream come true. I'm honored that they chose me.. I was honored to witness the first day of their happy future together.. and I'm honored to share these images with you all. Hope you love them as much as I do!! And love and cheers to the LaFlares!!

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