Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Langley's Wild One

When Rebecca of Wylie West Creative contacted me about this Where The Wild Things Are inspired baby shower I jumped at the chance to shoot it. I knew her original details and creative party design were going to be incredibly amazing. And on top of all the Wylie West awesomeness that was set up at this beautiful LA property.. Langley (the momma-to-be) and her family and friends turned out to be so incredibly fun to capture!
I have to say that at these type of more intimate events it tends to be a bit tricky to capture the lady of the hour and her guests. As a photographer, I never want to be too distracting.. I don't want to interrupt conversations.. and I don't want to take your picture while your munching on a yummy appetizer. I make efforts to blend into the background as much as possible while still searching for those sweet candid moments that will inevitably happen when you bring together loved ones, good food and awesome drinks. Then once everyone has loosened up a bit.. its always so great when all of a sudden they notice the big camera and aren't so shy about calling me over for a group pic.
That is exactly how this evening went.. just a bit trickier since our usually sunny California weather decided to get all wild on us. The rain brought everyone inside the house for a part of the evening.. and I kind of freaked because a natural light photographer who wants to shoot discreetly doesn't want to go around popping flash every where. Thankfully my trusty Canon and I are very obsessed with window light (and their wonderful home had windows everywhere) and I was able to make it work. So obsessed with her baby bump, with their home, with Rebecca's ingenious details.. and of course, with these photos! Hope ya'll like them too!

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