Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Family: The Messerschmidts

I've had the pleasure of sharing photos of this gorgeous family more than once before, and I never get tired of it. There's always something nice to say about them.. and the photos are always so incredibly cute! But the last time I shared family photos of them they were 4.5. And now they are 5!! Baby boy Charlie joined them less than a year ago.. and he is the perfect addition to the Messerschmidt clan! We shot these several weeks ago, but am happy to confess that I've been so busy that I got a bit behind on posting. :/ Atleast the weather hasn't warmed up much yet here in So Cal... so this post won't seem all that late.
As always.. they were shot and worked on with oh-so-much love and hope ya'll love them too!

So I had to start this post with one of my favorite photos of the day. Anyone who knows me pretty well could tell you that I have an incredibly tender heart when it comes to dads and their kids. There is something so incredibly sweet and special about a man who pours himself into his family, and loves his children unabashedly. Not because they have to.. but because its obvious how much joy they get from making them laugh.. loving on them.. and being a source of strength, wisdom and comfort. Well, Geoff would probably make some sort of smart-alecky joke in his British accent in response to these compliments.. but he is exactly that kind of dad. And he is incredibly lucky to be married to Alice... who is his equal when it comes to being a great parent. :) So this photo makes me happy sigh. Just a boy and his dad. Gah!
And the only thing that could possibly beat that are these snapshots of him and his two girls, Ava & Abigail.. and of course, his lady love Alice.
I mean.. seriously?? Look at these faces! Especially Alice. Guurrrrrlllll you so stylish and gorgesauce it kills me. And you should get paid to breed and raise gorgesauce children.
And these family pics below are just magic. I mean.. come on.. 5 people.. 3 little ones, one of which was less than a year old.. and you'd think they were getting paid to sit there and look so good! I especially love how Charlie is looking up at his parents smoochin. Swoon!
Before we wrapped, the Abigail and Ava made me and my camera very happy with these classic fun photos! Who needs summer?!
And so the shoot had come to an end. Baby Charlie let me know that he had had just about enough of hearing "Chaarrlllliiee! Chaarlllliiee look at meee!!" -whistle- -smooch- -anyotherweirdnoisetogethisattention- etc. In fact, I'm pretty sure that this face means "Come on lady. I'm cute. You're nice. This has been fun.. but let's grab some lunch yeah?"
So handsome Charlie got to go back into his stroller and we were walking back to the parking lot, when I just couldn't resist using this open road for just a few last shots.
Cannot stand how adorable it is that Charlie is peeking over his feet at me! haha Perfect. Just perfect.
Dear Messerschmidts.. thank you for trusting me. Thanks for taking your pretty little selves with your pretty little shoes into muddy wild nature and for being such good sports about all of my crazy posing ideas. Mostly, thanks for being awesome. Really hope that these photos make you feel all warm and fuzzy for years to come! xo

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