Monday, September 24, 2012

Engagement: Kim & Ryan

Alright ya'll.. here it is. The grand finale of Kim and Ryan's engagement shoot with a new slimmer blog layout for all of you iphone viewers who weren't able to see all of the pictures before.   Ta-da!! 
A little bit about the first location: Franklin Canyon Park in Los Angeles, CA (near Beverly Hills). I found this place completely by accident years ago.. and remember thinking "how in the world is this place smack in the middle of L.A. and at the same time feel like its in the middle of nowhere?!"  Never been back since and had forgotten about it. Then while I was doing some online scouting for this shoot... I came across an article about Kirsten Dunst being shot for a spread in Allure at this remote location called.. you guessed it.. Franklin Canyon. Done and done. On the afternoon of the shoot, I got there before my clients did and drove around, making notes of all of the different little nooks and crannies I wanted to use for the shoot. All my hard work paid off later when Ryan asked me "How did you find all of these cool spots?"  Answer: Because when you love what you do.. you do everything you can to put everything you have in to what you're doing. Thinking ahead.. planning.. paying attention to detail.. doing the footwork.. and loving every second of it. And oh how I love what I do!!
If you've seen and read the previous posts on this couple.. you know I have made a big deal about how easy it was to shoot them. How their natural chemistry makes it easy to get great shots. Some other things I saw between Kim and Ryan that I wanted to compliment them on.. that I think are way more important than natural chemistry: humor, consideration, communication and.. patience. (You have my permission to roll your eyes here, as long as you keep reading.) I remember noticing how Ryan was getting eaten alive by every kind of bug there is (slight exaggeration but seriously.. bugs love that guy!) And yet.. there was always a smile on his face, an overall concern for Kim and her comfort, and a patience with me (the photographer making him smile and sit still while he was being eaten alive). Then there is Kim.. who would look beautiful in a paper bag.. but made some effort to pick out some cute clothes and get her make-up and hair just right.. only to end up getting soaking wet and covered in sand. Yet there was no diva response.. no complaints and no concerns. Just laughter.
Those two were always checking in on one another.. always thinking of the other.. always speaking gently and patiently (even with me)... and always having fun! Couldn't ask for a better way to spend a gorgeous Sunday afternoon then shooting these two lovebirds. It was such an incredibly awesome day.. and I am so honored and thrilled that they hired me to shoot their wedding this coming April. For now.. enjoy these. Let me know what ya think! As always.. they were shot and worked on with so much love!
Intermission for a wardrobe change. But lets give it up for that adorable polka dot dress Kim was wearing. So cute!!
You can't tell.. but the bugs were at a feeding frenzy at this point. So we put the shoot in fast forward mode to get to Ryan's safe haven (aka The Beach) as quickly as possible. But we couldn't leave until I had made them dance in a tree. These two crossfitters and adventure lovers didn't have to be asked twice.
What can I say.. I like feet. There is something so personal and sweet about their feet hanging off the tree like that. Love it! At this point.. we said goodbye to Franklin Canyon (sun had set there because of the mountain range).. and we made our way to the playa just in time for sunset. Before they could change into their casual/cute beach look I had to snap some of them doin some more dancing...  :)
2nd and final intermission. Re-introduction to Kim and Ryan with portraits. To get these shots, it took Kim one to two takes. However Ryan apparently did not think he was capable of having a good photo taken of him. So he made silly faces.. and then he stopped.. just for a second, and 'click' .... GQ without tryin to hard.  Love the contrast between these two!
Things got playful and fun super quick. Yes.. that is a picture of Ryan SKIPPING through the water. That's what love does to a guy! :)
So after they played in the water.. they took a little walk..
 ...came back and played on the sand! :) Ryan is trying to use altitude to make-up for the flexibility he doesn't have. Notice how Kim's foot is still a liiiitttle bit higher.
Finally, I told them I was running out of light.. and just wanted them to chill for a bit. Wet, sandy, and happy cuddling.
Ending this amazing post with hands..  and feet.
Kim and Ryan.. I loved spending the day with you two. And I cannot even tell you how beyond excited I am for your wedding day!! Thank you for being such great sports.. for being open to all of my suggestions and demands... and for bein fantastic models and clients! Enjoy your engagement.. say "my fiance" as often as possible.. and continue loving one another as you have been. Don't let the cynics, the eye rollers or the "get-a-room"ers.. taint the good thing ya'll got goin.   xoxo - Andrea


  1. Gorgeous photos Andrea, Wow! You really captued the engaged couple's love and fun being together!

  2. Love these photos! You did an incredible job of capturing their love and even their awesome character. Well done!!!


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