Thursday, January 21, 2010

In Class Studio Lighting

So.. we were asked to bring in an object to shoot using studio lighting. And last night, Chelle was so sweet and helped me out by lending me some of her keepsakes because I couldn't think of anything to bring. Then this morning as I was leaving my room, I spotted my Little Women.. and grabbed it and I'm SO glad I did. I have such an emotional attachment to this book.. mostly because it was one of the best gifts my mom has ever given me; but also because I've read this particular edition MANY times.. and I love how love-worn it is!

For some of you.. you might not get why I would make such a huge deal about this.. and thats okay. For me.. this blog represents a merging of my passion for photography with the essential knowledge and skill. And that makes me incredibly happy!!

So here is a pic of it taken with the classroom lights on.. no flash.. no studio lights. In the past I would have thought.. alright.. decent product pic.

Then we turned on the spider light.. which obviously totally changed the image.

Next one of my group members held up my fill board for me.. and I knew my eye for photography was never gonna be the same..

And then I turned on a hotlight.. to create gradient in the background..

And because I couldn't get enough of this assignment.. I decided to try to shoot it from a different level... and I wasn't loving it.

Fortunately.. my professor was walking by.. and he threw out "Make Little Women BIG" - so I lowered the tripod.. zoomed in.. and this put a BIG smile on my face!

None of these have been edited or cropped at all... and on Tuesday we're gonna be using LightRoom to look at them and work on them if necessary.. Can't wait to see if anything can be done to make me love these even more!

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