Saturday, October 11, 2008

NYC: Odds & Ends

The following pics were taken over two different days. I have been exploring the city and have fallen in love with it one detail at a time.

These two aren't a part of the city.. but they are a part of my life here, so had to include them!

Concert in Union Square Park:

Outside of a church on Park Avenue.. these ribbons cover the entirety of the outside gating all along both sides of the church's streetfrontage.

NYPD's finest. I didn't know if they'd mind having me take their picture.. but I couldn't resist. And no, they didn't seem to care.

On my way home that day.. I fell in love with this particular corner:

Earlier today (10/11/08) I took a walk down to Pier 83 which was a fairly short walk from my apartment.. and I was excited to find this area, not only because it was fun to take pictures of it but also because the whole scene reminded me of California.. (and the gorgeous weather today didn't hurt either.)

And on my way back in to town from the riverside, I was excited to catch this peak of the Empire State Building. (Did a little focal b&w editing.. cheesy but I liked it)

Then found this Croatian catholic church:

And these are just miscellaneous shots that I ended up liking and wanted to share.. my favs are the last two of the hearts.. which are close-up shots of the entrance gate to the New York Life Insurance building.

And last but not least, a taste of the Gershwin Hotel:

All in all - I find that walking around the city with the intent of taking photos, makes me that much more observant and curious of all of the elements that make up NYC.

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